New moms face a myriad of decisions, one of which is whether to use cloth diapers or disposable diapers. For moms who opt for cloth diapers, chlorine bleach is an effective sanitizing option. In addition to killing germs, chlorine bleach keeps cloth diapers clean and bright.

Experts recommend cloth diapers be washed:

  • Separately, without other clothes
  • Before their first use and after each wear
  • Using a mild detergent and only the recommended amount
  • With ½ cup of regular strength bleach (or 1/3 cup of concentrated bleach)

Worried about a fungus like yeast? You can control yeast by adding ¾ cup of regular bleach (or ½ cup of concentrated bleach) to the laundry, using warm or hot water.

Newborns can have sensitive skin. If you’re concerned whether or not all the bleach has rinsed out, wash the cloth diapers on an extra rinse cycle.

It’s comforting to know that bleach is made from salt and water. After bleach does its job of destroying germs, an estimated 93-97 percent of it returns to salt and water and the remaining 3-7 percent is removed in waste treatment and is biodegradable.

And, of course, bleach is a known whitener and brightener, used often to remove stains or perk up dingy whites. A small amount of bleach added to the laundry will go a long way in keeping your baby’s cloth diapers clean and bright.