Cleaning And Disinfection

Chlorine bleach, the go-to product to whiten clothes and destroy germs in the laundry, now comes in a concentrated form.

That’s good news for moms – and the environment.

The new high-strength product comes in a smaller container, which takes up less space on your laundry room shelf for the same number of washings.

These containers also cut down on packaging waste. It’s a similar idea as the smaller, more concentrated containers of laundry detergent popping up lately on store shelves.

Concentrated bleach is an 8.25 percent solution of sodium hypochlorite, up from the regular, traditional bleach concentration of 5.25 percent.

For moms, this means adding less bleach to water for laundry or household disinfection. If you normally add 1/2 cup of regular-strength bleach to a full load of laundry in your washing machine, you would only need 1/3 cup of the new, high-strength bleach. See here for a conversion table.

When you use bleach solutions to disinfect things around your home, it’s important to remember to make a fresh bleach solution each day because it breaks down over time.

Also, just as with regular bleach, be careful to never combine ammonia-containing products with bleach – and keep all cleaning and disinfecting products out of the reach of children.

It’s never easy hauling a full load of family groceries home. For moms, the smaller, more concentrated containers will make that load a little bit lighter.